The Program


Every day, millions of children around the world suffer from malnutrition; This causes stunted growth, serious illnesses and sometimes severe loss of life.

Added to this are entire families advocated by hunger due to poverty, misery and poor living conditions.

Despite the missions work of the United Nations, the figures for cases of children suffering from hunger are constantly changing; And this crisis is growing rapidly, plunging many orphans and children from poor families even deeper into need.

 “Olivier Farwell Foundation” has set up the “Food Banks Program” for this purpose.

A Food Banks program which aims to help fight locally in each territory of the world these scourges which are: famine, malnutrition, undernourishment while supporting the basic work carried out by large organizations.

° Understanding famine means understanding the future;

° To understand famine is to understand the smile of a child;

° To understand famine is to try to have a heart… It’s to think about donating with happiness; It’s sharing values.

Make a gesture and donate with love.

Today, “Be part of a change in the world. » with Food Banks Program

We have set up this program in order to expand a new process of fighting against hunger locally in different areas and cities of the world.

Our objectives are sharing new values, pushing some people who love to donate to participate at our great challenges; Its also about helping orphanages, poor children and families including widowns of police officers and soldiers who lost thier lives during wars or during thier activities.

Its about creating a new great communities to be part of a change in the world.